Career Conversation: Job Security through Expertise?

Expert      Go-to Person      Experienced         Seniority These are terms we earn when we’ve mastered a subject, process, task, etc. This mastery comes through formal education, trial and error, practice as well as time-in-task. When this knowledge is valued (someone pays you money) you have job security.  Until…. Tragedy! New equipment is brought in that doesn’t useContinue reading “Career Conversation: Job Security through Expertise?”

A Crystal Ball – Skills for Now and the Future

A research report from Apollo Research Institute gives us a crystal ball for looking towards 2020.  “Future Work Skills 2020” I like the way this report takes the major global trends and matches them with the skills workers need to thrive now and going forward. Its very useful for  the many people needing to re-skill,Continue reading “A Crystal Ball – Skills for Now and the Future”

“Future-Proof” Employee

In IBM’s report from interviewing over 1700 CEOs around the world three main themes emerged for the most successful organizations. At the highest level, none are news to us. But going deeper there are some critical nuggets worth exploring. I’m focusing on “Build future-proof employees.” Because emerging capabilities are hard to define, hiring and equippingContinue reading ““Future-Proof” Employee”

Book Review: “Real World Training Design” by Jenn Labin

When the initial flip through a new book stops you on a page that makes you burst out laughing – its gonna be a good read! Incredibly engaging graphics and illustrations! This handbook takes the classic instructional design process and brings it up-to-date with examples and tips. Labin provides succinct and helpful tools through-out theContinue reading “Book Review: “Real World Training Design” by Jenn Labin”

New Course for Career Professionals Working with Mature Job Seekers

Marvin Adams and I have teamed up to create a professional development course for career professionals, “Winning Strategies for the Mature Job Seeker,” at CEUOnestop.  This self-paced, online course looks at the unique issues that older clients face as more and more people are looking for work. Career professionals will find information, resources and links toContinue reading “New Course for Career Professionals Working with Mature Job Seekers”

Keep that Phone ON during our Session

The first ground rule in meetings these days seems to be to turn off your cell/smart phones.  Its really annoying to be trying to present a concept and someone’s phone is ringing; or they are texting away, not really paying attention to the speaker.  Generally its the speaker that gets annoyed. Sometimes its annoying toContinue reading “Keep that Phone ON during our Session”

Critical Skills for our Future

The more I learn, the more I need to learn.  And it doesn’t all take place in a formal educational setting.  As I watch our global economy and read Freidman’s latest book, “That Used To Be Us,”    it is clear that the Knowledge Sets are shifting.  Employers need people with the technical skills toContinue reading “Critical Skills for our Future”

Learn to Learn

When I keep doing what I always do, why do I think it will have a different result? This bit of insanity applies to  many aspects of our lives. But let’s look at just one. We do our jobs well and manage the constant winds of change. Like a sailing a boat we know howContinue reading “Learn to Learn”

21st Century Skills for Boomers

Employers are managing costs by hiring people as contingent, temporary or project-based work. So they look to people who have both a breadth and depth of skills. Boomers bring judgment and knowledge of how to get things done…especially when the computers are down.  But what Boomers may not have is the skills to be theContinue reading “21st Century Skills for Boomers”

Change at Work – Bring a friend

Its  so much easier to do something different or scary if someone else does it too.  We used to dare each other to do something “dangerous.” But it wasn’t so bad if someone else did it first. Courage comes in many forms. Even as adults we often prefer to go somewhere new when we takeContinue reading “Change at Work – Bring a friend”