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Video Interviews in all sorts of Jobs

Monday, January 30th, 2012

If you are exploring a new or different career, check out CandidCareers for brief interviews with people who are in your desired line of work. Candid Career founders Bill Glading and Neilye Garrity have  interviewed hundreds of working professionals “to make the initial stages of the career exploration process more effective for young adults.”   The interviewees are individuals who agreed to share their thoughts and experiences. They are not actors, unless they do that for a living.  You can search by Industry, Job Title,  Company or Major.  I got some interesting combinations when I used the Search function.

These you-tube type interviews are helpful no matter what your work-life stage. They are more personal than just reading a description and all follow an informational interview style. You get a real-life job description, hear the person’s loves and challenges, the training, education or experiences to be successful in this line of work and some advice for those considering the career. With this taste, you can prepare your own informational interviews to ask the questions that are important to your unique needs.

There are some good demo’s on the website, but for full access, check with your Community College or University. The company is small but already has a good foothold with this great career management tool.