Activity, Efforts or Outcomes

A recently released report on successful government leaders [] lists several characteristics, one of which is “outcome oriented.” Leaders happen at every level of the organization- formal and informally.  As we diligently work to do the best we can, we also need to ask the question, “So What?”  This is one of the most powerfulContinue reading “Activity, Efforts or Outcomes”

Thinking of Retirement?

Is retirement an option for you? Are you facing a decision due to mandatory or an early retirement offer from your employer? Have you reached that milestone point in terms of tenure or age? “Retirement” is really a word only used in financial terms now – you are eligible by either age or time inContinue reading “Thinking of Retirement?”

Fluency with Change

Because change is so pervasive, resiliency is critical to success in all aspects of our lives.  Fluency with change is the ability to be at ease or have a sense of confidence in dealing with ambiguous situations.  It is the ability to respond to annoying things like deadlines, software changes, traffic delays – and majorContinue reading “Fluency with Change”

5 Ways to Make Your Way

In her “How to Deal” column, Lily Garcia lists 5 great ways to get ahead without going the management route.  Too many times when we do great work, we get “rewarded” by being promoted to supervisor or manager.  When dealing with the people aspects of managing we need a very different skill set in additionContinue reading “5 Ways to Make Your Way”

Introducing Ahull Unfurled

In sailing, lying ahull is a controversial method of weathering a storm, by downing all sails, battening the hatches and locking the tiller. The boat is allowed to drift freely, completely at the mercy of the storm. Ahull is also my first initial and last name. Thus, after too many years at the dock, IContinue reading “Introducing Ahull Unfurled”

Organizations are People and Practices

How many times have we used the royal “They” to refer to the management or executives higher than us in the organization? Or referred to “them”- the regulatory forces that demand compliance. “They” are the reason, the excuses, or the problem. Organizations are entities made up of individual People; mere mortals like you and IContinue reading “Organizations are People and Practices”

Timing is Everything

Readiness is what I’m thinking here. There are times we just aren’t in the right frame of mind to accept a new idea, or anything different that the current thinking.  Sometimes we are ready.  This hold true for asking for a raise,  more budget, time off,  as well as creating a subsidiary, initiating a mergerContinue reading “Timing is Everything”