ISO:Purple Squirrel – Resume Breadth & Depth

Does your resume broadcast breadth or depth of your skills and and experience.  Your years of work experience – do you highlight doing the same thing for a long time (stamina and perseverance) or illustrate being able to use your skills and knowledge in a variety of situations and settings?  Employers read your work historyContinue reading “ISO:Purple Squirrel – Resume Breadth & Depth”

Random Promotions Increase Productivity

Italian social scientist, Alessandro Pluchino of the University of Catania,  and colleagues won the Ig Nobel prize for mathematically demonstrating  that organizations can increase efficiency by giving people promotions at random.  This is how casinos stay in business.  We keep playing in hopes of the big payoff. We see it happen to others, so whyContinue reading “Random Promotions Increase Productivity”

Making Job/Career Decisions

What may seem at the outset a simple decision – take the best offer – a recent study shows that many factors are considered than we see on the surface. The five researchers (Norman Amundson, William Brogen, Maria Iaquinta, Lee Butterfield, and Emily Koert), who wrote this article* conducted in-depth interviews with working adults toContinue reading “Making Job/Career Decisions”