Career Conversations on Social Media

Most of us know what not to post on our social media accounts.  More than 69% of employers have rejected some applicants on the basis of what they found. Even when not in job search mode, we can manage our professional reputation (aka Brand) by what we share. Match your postings to your online goalsContinue reading “Career Conversations on Social Media”

Building Your Network from Scratch

If you think you don’t know anyone who can help with your job search, then you need to look at this from a different angle.  In most cases we don’t know that actual hiring person.  But you may know someone who does, or can connect you to them. rather than just asking “Are you (yourContinue reading “Building Your Network from Scratch”

Continuing the Career Conversation

You’ve just heard someone speak or attended a meeting where you met someone with common interests. Or perhaps you just attended a conference and have a stash on business cards. What’s your next step? First 12 hours Look at the business card or your note and recall everything that was interesting and important to rememberContinue reading “Continuing the Career Conversation”

Update Your References This Month

A few months ago I posted some tips on the Care and Feeding of Your References and this month here are some more tips to get past your procrastination. May 4-8 is Update your References Week. References are people that vouch for your work. Your boss is a key person, but not the only one.Continue reading “Update Your References This Month”

Friends – What are you expecting?

I’ve been hearing a theme from people and reading the advice columns of how often we are disappointed with our friends. It sounds like this: “I always do [fill in the blank] for her, but she never reciprocates.”  “I was there for him, but now he’s too busy to help me.” Whether its remembering birthdays,Continue reading “Friends – What are you expecting?”

Your References – Care and Feeding

Many of us set a goal for new employment this time of year. Along with updating the resume, online profiles and reconnecting with people, make an appointment with yourself to consider your reference strategy. My what? My references are my former employers, right? Not necessarily.  Yes, potential employers traditionally want past bosses, but they oftenContinue reading “Your References – Care and Feeding”

3 Reasons + 5 tips to Update Your Resume

Here are 3 reasons why September is a good time to update your resume: Its nearly time for your annual performance review and you want to position yourself or a raise. One of your contacts approaches you with a great job opportunity and needs your resume, now! You learn that your job is in theContinue reading “3 Reasons + 5 tips to Update Your Resume”

Cash or Cachet?

You find a great job opportunity but discover the salary is lower than you expected. Several years ago, I was thrilled when I could tell people I worked for The Washington Post because I no longer had to explain who, where or what they did. Then I moved briefly to a very large organization thatContinue reading “Cash or Cachet?”

Strategies for Extended Unemployment

What are they thinking?! Why are companies shunning people who have been out of work six months or more? Unemployment biases stem from employers desire to avoid making hiring mistakes. This avoidance leads to making assumptions that may or may not be based in fact. Four assumptions I’ve heard are: “If others don’t hire you,Continue reading “Strategies for Extended Unemployment”

After the Interview – Your Next Step

The interview is over and you can take a deep breath.  The people who just interviewed you spent their time and efforts to determine if you are the best fit for the role. Do you appreciate this? Then let them know. After the interview most of us immediately begin to replay in our heads whatContinue reading “After the Interview – Your Next Step”