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Don’t Fret a Furlough – 5 Ways To Take Advantage of It

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

The main thing we don’t like about looming sequestration furloughs is that it is unpaid time off. While many of us will just enjoy sleeping late and relaxing, you can also use that day(s) to your advantage. Here are 5 things for your to-do list:

1) If you’ve been putting off learning how to do something better, here’s your bonus day to tackle it.  Take an online course to enhance any computer skills, or other technical expertise.

2) Make a coffee or lunch appointment to catch up with others in your profession.

3) Volunteer to work with a local group, school or  community agency.

4) Update your resume.

5) Think about where your career is right now, and where it needs to go.  What steps do you need to take? Who do you need to talk with?

When you go back to work, you can be sure that conversations will include, “What did you do with your time off?”