WIIFM? First, Listen

People are so overwhelmed by things changing in their lives and their work that we can count on them begin distracted while we are trying to communicate. Whether you are leading a training session or a meeting, over half the people are preoccupied with other thoughts.  Some are already gearing up to argue with you.Continue reading “WIIFM? First, Listen”

Free Resources to Learn/Upgrade a Skill

No matter what your role in the organization – executive or candidate – many people are finding that they need to learn a new version of a technology, or a greater proficiency in a another language in order to enhance their careers. Using the resources below you don’t have to attend a ‘class’ or revealContinue reading “Free Resources to Learn/Upgrade a Skill”

Plan B – 5 things to do if your office temporarily shuts down

What are you doing as federal employees and all the contractors and others dependent on federal agencies anxiously await Congress to approve a budget? I hear many are doing nothing at all; business as usual. Some don’t think it really will shut down. Others believe if they don’t plan for it, it won’t happen. AndContinue reading “Plan B – 5 things to do if your office temporarily shuts down”

Abundance in the job search?

Now that sounds like I’m in my own la-la land.  But Jason Alba started me thinking with his blog: http://www.jibberjobber.com/blog/2011/03/31/rethinking-abundance-mentality-job-search-version/ The concept of abundance has been around in many forms throughout many civilizations. Some may know it as ‘living with intention’ or ‘positive thinking.’ When it comes to job search, our emotional strength is criticalContinue reading “Abundance in the job search?”