Most Critical Career Skill – Trend Spotting

“In this era of accelerating change, knowledge alone is no longer the key to a prosperous life. Trend Spotting, or Foresight is the critical skill. Knowledge quickly goes out of date, but foresight enables you to navigate change, make good decisions, and take action now to create a better future.” From the World Future Society’sContinue reading “Most Critical Career Skill – Trend Spotting”

Raised by Wolves

That phrase has become an ear-worm for me recently.  It generally refers to someone who has misbehaved in a social or work setting.  I recently read a book about how our bosses sometimes act like they were raised by wolves.  At first I took issue  defending the wolves.  Their system works for them…because they liveContinue reading “Raised by Wolves”

Volunteerism and Career-Building

While you are looking for a job, or while you are working full-time, stay off the couch and do something for others. Volunteering improves your career.  Here are the stats: According to CareerBuilder, 63% of hiring managers said that volunteer work is relevant experience when it comes to evaluating a candidate. And according to aContinue reading “Volunteerism and Career-Building”

Disengaged in the Middle

Managers have an on-going challenge to see that their staff are working to their optimum – doing interesting, challenging and things that engage many of their skills. The recent Gallup Journal  article shows  that the “Frustrating Forties” is a time when we’ve past learning the ropes and often aren’t getting much professional development. Not surprisingly,Continue reading “Disengaged in the Middle”