Are Your Management Skills Up to Date?

I’m not talking about knowing the latest ‘flavor’ of management or the buzzwords. “Retention” is the battle cry once again. Many organizations are now using engagement survey stats for managerial performance measures. Your management skills along with to your technical credibility keep you viewed as a valuable contributor, not just a place holder, by yourContinue reading “Are Your Management Skills Up to Date?”

Hidden Jobs = Buried Treasure

There are at least five reasons that many jobs are never posted on job boards or even on company websites. It isn’t that the company is trying to be sneaky, its just that ‘things happen.’ 1. An unexpected letter of resignation 2. The maternity leave that becomes extended, permanently 3. The Trump card is playedContinue reading “Hidden Jobs = Buried Treasure”

Managing Across Commonalities

“They weren’t necessarily as different as the media had been portraying.” Kristin Murray, HR director, Presbyterian Support New Zealand, is researching the generations for a PhD thesis entitled, Diversity Management. Her surveys, based on a card-sort methodology, turned up a striking degree of similarities across the generations. For example Veterans (1922-1945), Baby Boomers (1946-1964), GensContinue reading “Managing Across Commonalities”

Rethinking Retirement – Boomers and GenX

Where do you fit into the workforce? Today’s organizations are facing challenges like never before with our current demographics. Check out this article for some interesting thoughts for both managing staff as well as your own career.