Phased Retirement – Make Your Case

Many companies and federal agencies offer a way to ease out of the work you love and into the next phase of your life formerly called retirement. A phased retirement strategy offers flexibility. As you approach your retirement age or time in service you can reduce your work hours or work in a different capacityContinue reading “Phased Retirement – Make Your Case”

A Peek Into Your Crystal Ball

Our Future Selves is an interactive look into the crystal ball of our future.  From the Columbia University Grad School of Journalism, you can see at what your future will look like for the next 50 or so years.  This is an easy to use graphic depiction of ethnicity, health and wealth data to seeContinue reading “A Peek Into Your Crystal Ball”

More Boomers Starting Own Biz

Reuter’s Wealth Blogger, Mark Miller, shared the statistics of Entrepreneurs age 55 to 64 now represent a rising share of start-up activity, according to the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, accounting for 23 percent of new entrepreneurs in 2010, up from 14.5 percent in 1996. As this age group experiences the early buyouts, early retirementContinue reading “More Boomers Starting Own Biz”

Free Resources to Learn/Upgrade a Skill

No matter what your role in the organization – executive or candidate – many people are finding that they need to learn a new version of a technology, or a greater proficiency in a another language in order to enhance their careers. Using the resources below you don’t have to attend a ‘class’ or revealContinue reading “Free Resources to Learn/Upgrade a Skill”

I Just Want a Job, “Money and benefits; I don’t care about anything else” Part 6 of 6

I just need the money and benefits. I don’t care about anything else. In this series I’ve been addressing some  responses I’ve received from people asking for help in their job search.  Its beyond frustrating for people in all fields and age groups. For too many it isn’t about furthering a career, they just wantContinue reading “I Just Want a Job, “Money and benefits; I don’t care about anything else” Part 6 of 6″

I Just Want A Job “With a Short Commute” – Part 5 of 6

I don’t want to commute more than 30 minutes. This is the fifth of the series that deals with the job hunting obstacles.  A long commute is not attractive for most, but many make it a “bonus” time when they can read or listen to books, catch up of news, do their planning,  or practiceContinue reading “I Just Want A Job “With a Short Commute” – Part 5 of 6”

I just Want a Job, “No One is Hiring” – Part 4 of 6

The companies in my area that would hire me have all gone out of business. While many, many businesses have closed their doors, other doors are opening if you know where and how to look.  Are you still looking for jobs using the same job title you’ve had for years?  Are you only looking forContinue reading “I just Want a Job, “No One is Hiring” – Part 4 of 6″

I Just Want A Job – Part 3 of 6 – Translation, please

I have experience and skills – why can’t they see that and just hire me? Think of yourself as a shoe.  Are you a running shoe, a fashion boot or a rugged sandal?  What size are you? Employers see resumes and candidates and they have to have a way to determine if they are theContinue reading “I Just Want A Job – Part 3 of 6 – Translation, please”

I Just Want a Job! Part 2

In this series, I’m tackling some of the  frustrations of job seekers I hear. “I don’t want to call strangers and ask for a job.” That’s right. You don’t call strangers. Even effective “cold calling” begins with having something or someone in common with the person you are contacting.  When we hear the name ofContinue reading “I Just Want a Job! Part 2”

I Just Want a Job! – Part 1 of 6

I just want a Job, not a &*!# Career!  The desperation is real and, unfortunately, clear. And its getting in a lot of folks’ way of getting that job. With so many people  looking for jobs, employers have more to choose from – basic supply and demand. Why not just take any job? Because you’llContinue reading “I Just Want a Job! – Part 1 of 6”