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Keep that Phone ON during our Session

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

The first ground rule in meetings these days seems to be to turn off your cell/smart phones.  Its really annoying to be trying to present a concept and someone’s phone is ringing; or they are texting away, not really paying attention to the speaker.  Generally its the speaker that gets annoyed. Sometimes its annoying to others around to hear the clicking on the pad.

What if you used their technology to actually augment the meeting? If someone is updating their FB, ask them to check a fact for you, or help answer a question by doing a search or using an app.  Are you stuck on an idea or definition? Do a real-time Search for the answer you need.  Are you in heated argument? Check the facts, right now.  Need to poll a group, or check with a SME? Ask them now. (even if they don’t respond immediately, its still keeps the momentum going). Use the smart phone app to record the ideas and action steps and send it to others without delay.  It’s not about the Smartphone or Ipad, it’s about how you can use the technology to enhance the concept, or problem-solving.  People can work in groups and share with those who don’t have smartphones, or other technology.

Think of the chart paper (trees) we can save! Think of the fumes we won’t inhale from acetone white board or scented markers! Think of the powerpoint we can avoid! And most importantly, think of the time saved by not having to have another meeting after the research is completed!

Incoming calls are a different matter.  Most of us set the ring on “silent” or “vibrate” to avoid annoying others with the interruption. In my meetings I like to respect people’s judgment to handle the truly time sensitive things, not just FB breakfast updates.

How else can we use the technology to engage and reinforce learning?