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Its Not Your Old Job Search Now

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Social media is eclipsing many of the standard job search methods, but not the underlying foundation. Joshua Waldman writes on of 10 aspects of job search that social media has changed.

We no longer need to worry about the type of paper to print resumes and cover letters; they are digital now.  Tailoring each of these documents to the specific employer requirements remains the same.

Establishing an online presence so we can be found via Google and other search engines is surpassing listing resumes on job boards.  Yet having the keywords (professional and industry relevant) has always been the way to rise to the top of the competition.

Most jobs have been found by word-of-mouth, or  by making online connections.  So the greater use of time has always been and continues to be building and, most importantly, maintaining relationships.  Concentrate on finding out who you need to connect with and why, rather than tweaking the resume or searching job boards.

Showing your value to a potential employer continues to be a differentiating point. Its not about you, it’s about them… what you bring to the table that meets their needs. Nothing else matters. Hiring Managers are pressed for time and don’t want to have to translate how your skills and expertise fit their job requirements.  Connect those dots for them by talking with people in similar roles and industries. Talk with others in the organization to get a sense of your ‘fit’ with that organization’s culture.  Put that information in your cover letter and create your resume to reflect those values and competencies.

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