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The Black Hole of Job Boards

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

black holeThe odds of getting a job by simply applying to online boards are slim.  It does happen happen occasionally. But the biggest complaint I hear is, “I’ve submitted hundreds of applications and never heard a thing.” Well, maybe not” hundreds.”

Job boards or Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are designed to screen out, not in.  Now that a job posting receives hundreds of applications, hiring managers need a way to find the most qualified candidates to interview.  Too many people apply for jobs for which they are not qualified.

Based on these facts, here is what you can do:

(1) Research your targeted organizations to learn about their recent developments. This could be a success in their market, new leaders, or how they handled something difficult.

(2) Make contact.  Do you know someone who works in the organization that would present you as an employee referral?  Good employees tend to know other good potential employees. Use your social media and references to help you find people to talk with in your targeted organizations.

(3) Send a letter or call them. Don’t ask if they have job openings, ask about organization and big problems they are working on.  Briefly describe how you have successfully handled similar problems or can contribute to finding solutions and ask if they would like to talk further. Make your resume a leave behind after a conversation or attach it with your email thank you.

(4) Ask for one or two others you could talk with and if they would introduce you to them. That way when you call, they are more likely to recognize your name. Be sure to let them know who made the referral.

(5) If there is not a job opening, you are creating the potential for a new role that only you possess the skills to fill. And now you have plenty of new information to make your application rise to the top.