Phased Retirement – Make Your Case

Many companies and federal agencies offer a way to ease out of the work you love and into the next phase of your life formerly called retirement. A phased retirement strategy offers flexibility. As you approach your retirement age or time in service you can reduce your work hours or work in a different capacityContinue reading “Phased Retirement – Make Your Case”

Where the Jobs are for Mature Workers

With generous support from the MetLife Foundation, the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) has worked with seven regions across to country to identify priority industries, examine the job and career opportunities in those industries, and highlight the opportunities that are most appropriate for mature workers. Based on a U.S. Department of Labor supportedContinue reading “Where the Jobs are for Mature Workers”

New Course for Career Professionals Working with Mature Job Seekers

Marvin Adams and I have teamed up to create a professional development course for career professionals, “Winning Strategies for the Mature Job Seeker,” at CEUOnestop.  This self-paced, online course looks at the unique issues that older clients face as more and more people are looking for work. Career professionals will find information, resources and links toContinue reading “New Course for Career Professionals Working with Mature Job Seekers”

21st Century Skills for Boomers

Employers are managing costs by hiring people as contingent, temporary or project-based work. So they look to people who have both a breadth and depth of skills. Boomers bring judgment and knowledge of how to get things done…especially when the computers are down.  But what Boomers may not have is the skills to be theContinue reading “21st Century Skills for Boomers”

More Boomers Starting Own Biz

Reuter’s Wealth Blogger, Mark Miller, shared the statistics of Entrepreneurs age 55 to 64 now represent a rising share of start-up activity, according to the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, accounting for 23 percent of new entrepreneurs in 2010, up from 14.5 percent in 1996. As this age group experiences the early buyouts, early retirementContinue reading “More Boomers Starting Own Biz”

I Just Want a Job! – Part 1 of 6

I just want a Job, not a &*!# Career!  The desperation is real and, unfortunately, clear. And its getting in a lot of folks’ way of getting that job. With so many people  looking for jobs, employers have more to choose from – basic supply and demand. Why not just take any job? Because you’llContinue reading “I Just Want a Job! – Part 1 of 6”

ISO:Purple Squirrel – Resume Breadth & Depth

Does your resume broadcast breadth or depth of your skills and and experience.  Your years of work experience – do you highlight doing the same thing for a long time (stamina and perseverance) or illustrate being able to use your skills and knowledge in a variety of situations and settings?  Employers read your work historyContinue reading “ISO:Purple Squirrel – Resume Breadth & Depth”

Rethinking Retirement – Boomers and GenX

Where do you fit into the workforce? Today’s organizations are facing challenges like never before with our current demographics. Check out this article for some interesting thoughts for both managing staff as well as your own career.

What do Employers Look for in Hiring Boomers?

Employers must hire people that can advance the organization’s mission, strategic goals and contribute to the team and well-being of the organization. Some hire for a good attitude and offer training on the specifics (customer service jobs are prime example). Candidates must be well-versed in explaining how both their transferable skills and industry or professional skillsContinue reading “What do Employers Look for in Hiring Boomers?”

Thinking of Retirement?

Is retirement an option for you? Are you facing a decision due to mandatory or an early retirement offer from your employer? Have you reached that milestone point in terms of tenure or age? “Retirement” is really a word only used in financial terms now – you are eligible by either age or time inContinue reading “Thinking of Retirement?”