Career Conversations – Feeling Stuck?

Do you believe…  “My job is secure because [fill in the blank].”   “I’m stuck because I have no marketable skills.”  “My boss is looking out for me.” “I can ride a few more years before I retire.” Whether you have two or twenty years of work experience, YOU are the person who cares most aboutContinue reading “Career Conversations – Feeling Stuck?”

Friends – What are you expecting?

I’ve been hearing a theme from people and reading the advice columns of how often we are disappointed with our friends. It sounds like this: “I always do [fill in the blank] for her, but she never reciprocates.”  “I was there for him, but now he’s too busy to help me.” Whether its remembering birthdays,Continue reading “Friends – What are you expecting?”

What’s Your Professional Development Strategy?

The most frequent responses I get to this question is #1 Strategy: keep getting a paycheck and hope to get promoted;#2 Strategy for Free Agents: Keep current contract(s) or get new clients. I consider these non-strategies. Too many people approach learning something work-related as a task they have to do to keep their jobs orContinue reading “What’s Your Professional Development Strategy?”

Adaptability & Flexibilty are Top Workplace Skills

The international staffing agency Randstad issued a report in August detailing the results of their ongoing surveys that are part of the Randstad Engagement Index. In this report, respondents show increased optimism and security in their jobs. Among the many data points I’m intrigued by the skills needed for continued success.  Respondents rated “flexibility” andContinue reading “Adaptability & Flexibilty are Top Workplace Skills”

Thankful For Work?

Work conversations often fall into two categories – people complain about their job or complain that they don’t have a job. I suppose we get more sympathy when we complain. I wonder why we don’t talk more about the things that go well for us. Not boasting, just being thankful. As we approach the ThanksgivingContinue reading “Thankful For Work?”

A Crystal Ball – Skills for Now and the Future

A research report from Apollo Research Institute gives us a crystal ball for looking towards 2020.  “Future Work Skills 2020” I like the way this report takes the major global trends and matches them with the skills workers need to thrive now and going forward. Its very useful for  the many people needing to re-skill,Continue reading “A Crystal Ball – Skills for Now and the Future”

Adapt Your Career Following Nature’s Lead

I heard Dr. Rafe Sagarin (University of Arizona) speak last week at the CBODN conference focusing on Resiliency. His book, “Learning form the Octopus” is just released. Do you know someone who readily adapts to changing circumstances without planning, predicting the future, or striving for perfection? Plants, animals and humans face the same problem, whichContinue reading “Adapt Your Career Following Nature’s Lead”

Learn to Learn

When I keep doing what I always do, why do I think it will have a different result? This bit of insanity applies to  many aspects of our lives. But let’s look at just one. We do our jobs well and manage the constant winds of change. Like a sailing a boat we know howContinue reading “Learn to Learn”

Career Skills for Today – Mindreading

Recently a GovLoop forum asked: “What one skill do you wish you had?”  The very first response was “Mind Reading.” In my July 14, 2010  blog, I wrote on the career skill Trend Spotting, or Foresight. So I just have to respond. Indeed Mind Reading seems to be a Competency all by itself. Not toContinue reading “Career Skills for Today – Mindreading”