I Just Want a Job! – Part 1 of 6

I just want a Job, not a &*!# Career!  The desperation is real and, unfortunately, clear. And its getting in a lot of folks’ way of getting that job. With so many people  looking for jobs, employers have more to choose from – basic supply and demand.

Why not just take any job? Because you’ll be job hunting again in a few months (if not weeks) because you hate the job. Or worse, they don’t want or need you any longer.  Either way, that doesn’t help your outlook one bit!

This series covers things I’ve heard from every age – new grad, retiree, those that have been laid off. Here is the first of several job search approaches that are major stumbling blocks:

– I only want to throw my resume at a company and hope it sticks.

Sure, posting your resume on job boards, and even specific-company job boards works for some, and it should be a part of your strategy.  But not your whole strategy. You need a strategy that keeps your eye on a target – not just any job, but THE job that you will want to stick with because you like the work, the people, location, opportunities, challenges and yes, the $ and benefits. This means you still keep your options open and reduce wasting time on jobs for which you are over/under qualified or on activities that don’t get you closer to your goal.  Focus.

Then you create your plan that keeps you actively looking for opportunities. These include not only job board websites, but also finding people who know who else you should talk with and find openings.

Next, talking to people about your job search…the right way and the wrong way.

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