I just Want a Job, “No One is Hiring” – Part 4 of 6

The companies in my area that would hire me have all gone out of business.

While many, many businesses have closed their doors, other doors are opening if you know where and how to look.  Are you still looking for jobs using the same job title you’ve had for years?  Are you only looking for a specific type of work? Is your search limited to a narrow geographic area?

Take a new look at your job requirements:

1) Is your job title outdated? As organizations have had to reinvent and restructure in this recession, many jobs have been combined or tweaked and have new titles.  Do you homework so you don’t sound out of date.  That means finding people who work in the organizations you want to work for, and ask them how things are structured now. Organizations have the basic infrastructure, but often skills and roles are in new marriages.  Many people are able to use their skills and experience in a different industry.  They may call what you do by a different name. And it may be found in a different part of the organization.

2) If you don’t need the the traditional work environment and hours, you’ll find opportunities to work at home, or work in more creative ways.  Are there others nearby that you could form a skilled consortium?

3) What skills could you develop or refresh? Are there things you like to do that you’ve never been paid to do? Think about looking for work that uses the talents that come naturally to you.  If someone isn’t hiring for this talent, this may be the time to explore self-employment. Check out your ideas with the Small Business Administration.

When “no one is hiring” is the time to take a look at what skills and knowledge you can offer that others are willing to trade or pay for your services.  Be Smart. Trade your expertise and time for money.

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