Abundance in the job search?

Now that sounds like I’m in my own la-la land.  But Jason Alba started me thinking with his blog:


The concept of abundance has been around in many forms throughout many civilizations. Some may know it as ‘living with intention’ or ‘positive thinking.’

When it comes to job search, our emotional strength is critical to maintain endurance and mental health. With so much competition  making the job search even more challenging, its easy to fall into a mindset of scrambling for scraps.

I challenge you to stop. Stop your rat race for a few minutes.  Change your physical environment (if inside, go outside) to find something different to see, hear, and smell.  Take a really deep, slow breath.  Take a few more: slow and deep.  This should get you feeling a little more energized and clear-headed.

If you weren’t anxiously looking for a job, what else could you do with your skills and knowledge? Who needs the talents and perspective you offer?  What do others come to you for over and over again?  Dissect your skills and, like a word jumble puzzle, see what new ways you can combine them. An objective person can help with this. Next look around at the world to see what other groups or organizations could use the various combination of your talents. Use your down-time to keep these talents sharp (or sharpen others) with volunteer activities.  It will also help you answer the question, “What have you been doing since your last job?” but also might help make new connections and leads.