Change Success – Initiate more conversations

When there is an organizational change, a systems upgrade or change in policy/procedures or leadership, a common mis-belief is that if we give people the facts, they can handle the change.  Facts are important to answer the “why” question.  But it doesn’t get to a personal level – and that’s where the change must be successful. We search to answer, “What’s in it for me?”

And people don’t always know what questions to ask. So we have a workplace that has a heavy silence with no one saying what’s on their mind.  Denial is abundant.

An effective leader will initiate more conversations, not less, to uncover the concerns and questions.  There are many levels to the “why” and “how” questions. Some can be answered, must many cannot until later. And many of the best solutions come from the people who will do the hands-on work to implement the change. So when people ask pointed questions or just glare at you, ask them, “What is your concern?” and “What do you think would make this work?” Incorporate some craziness into developing new solutions (and let off a little steam). Allow them to vent without repercussions.

Emotions – anger, frustration, disappointment – are all a part of dealing with the change.  Help people be resilient by listening, without judgment and without trying to “fix” their concerns. Ask what they have done in the past that helped them through similar stressful times.  Ask them to think how they want to feel a month after the change is implemented. Visualizing positive outcomes helps reduce the current negative conversations.

What helps you be resilient?

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