Hidden Jobs = Buried Treasure

There are at least five reasons that many jobs are never posted on job boards or even on company websites. It isn’t that the company is trying to be sneaky, its just that ‘things happen.’
1. An unexpected letter of resignation
2. The maternity leave that becomes extended, permanently
3. The Trump card is played when someone seriously misbehaves with the resulting, “You’re Fired!”
4. The Slide – someone is in the performance discipline process, and the boss needs someone waiting in the wings to take over
5. The Landing of a big contract and the organization needs specialized skills and knowledge (yours)
And then there is the person who has the talent for identifying a problem to solve and having the skills to solve it. They literally create their own unique job with the organization.

Veteran career advisor, Jack Chapman, sums it up nicely in his e-zine article this month.

Staying visible and keeping your network active and growing is how people land these unadvertised jobs.

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