Raised by Wolves

That phrase has become an ear-worm for me recently.  It generally refers to someone who has misbehaved in a social or work setting.  I recently read a book about how our bosses sometimes act like they were raised by wolves.  At first I took issue  defending the wolves.  Their system works for them…because they live in a different society than we do.

Yet, the author makes some interesting observations of the alpha wolf behaviors. “Because you are exposed to your boss every day, it is possible that you have become accustomed to his or her wolf-like behavior. “

What is important is to effectively manage your boss, based on whatever wolf-like tendencies are shown, so you both win. The wolf pack is governed by a hierarchy of power and aggression. Know your place in the pack and the interdependent relationships. Bosses want you to understand what has to be done, what your role is in doing it, and are self-starters. It is only then that the leader feels truly comfortable in working with his staff member as a partner and collaborator.

My muse posed the question about the mythical Romulus and Remus.  Were they raised by the She-wolf as her pups, or for food?

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