I Just Want A Job “With a Short Commute” – Part 5 of 6

I don’t want to commute more than 30 minutes.

This is the fifth of the series that deals with the job hunting obstacles.  A long commute is not attractive for most, but many make it a “bonus” time when they can read or listen to books, catch up of news, do their planning,  or practice their opera arias (if in your own vehicle). So, if a job opportunity is a bit further than you prefer, think about how you might use that bonus time.  Even sharing a ride (carpool, train, bus) can have its bonuses.

Another option is to pursue the work-at-home or telework options that many organizations now have available.  It may not be listed in the job description or the benefits.  You need to first determine if working at home is viable for you and the type of work you want to do.  It takes discipline, a proper work area  and often some tech savvy.

A third option is to search for the opportunities are within that 30-mile geographical radius of your home. Some of this can be done on the web. But it is best done by getting out on the street.  Near where I live are several “industrial” developments – a strip of small storefronts with big warehouses.  Small businesses and regional offices of larger organizations are housed there. Some are manufacturing or distribution, others are some type of IT or contractors to government or other larger businesses.  When you know what is there, you can then do your homework to learn about he organizations and what type of work needs they have. Occasionally, walking in and asking about work opportunities has worked for a few people. Offer the type of skills you have (such as accounting, human resources, project management, assembly, operations, computer and others) to help them think about their needs. Also, ask about what needs they do have, and if different that your first set, perhaps you have options of learning the skills. Or maybe you know someone who has the skills and you can pass on the opportunity for them!

If you work for yourself, you can set your own commute time.  Many people use their administrative skills to support other small businesses – Virtual Assistants are a growing profession. Many small franchises are managed form a home office.  Personal services such as driving, food preparation, child/elder care, cleaning, home repair can be managed within a manageable commute.

What other ideas do you have for working with a short commute?

One thought on “I Just Want A Job “With a Short Commute” – Part 5 of 6

  1. Good series! It is too easy to get discouraged when one is in job search mode and see all the obstacles only. Another good way to see what is available close to home is to check with your local economic development agency and with the closest small business development center. These usually have a lot of free information on local companies – and some even make it available online. Try talking to the reference librarian at your public library too — they have access to a lot of resources that can help you find and focus on the right options.

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